e-book Deviance and Risk on Holiday: An Ethnography of British Tourists in Ibiza

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Deviance and Risk on Holiday: An Ethnography of British Tourists in Ibiza by D. Briggs

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She has many academic publications, on topics such as entrance to adulthood, international mobility, youth issues and migration. Ewa took part in several research projects, mostly concerning educational and youth issues such as ESNSurvey. Other studies she participated in concerned e.

Have been involved in many local, national and international processes and initiatives for youth rights and equality. Mostly working on promoting youth participation, education, intercultural dialogue and human rights. Passionate for music, dance, activism and non-formal education. In her academic career she moved from secondary education to in-service teacher training education and to youth work, while the focus of her interest remains youth policy.

She participated in writing of several youth policy papers in the Czech Republic, is a co-author of the National Youth Policy for the period — and the main author of the National Youth Policy for the period — Her main youth policy development areas are: non-formal education, social inclusion, participation and learning mobility. She has an extensive experience in cross-sectorial youth policy development. She took part in a couple of European peer-learning activities on youth policy and was member of numerous expert groups of European Commission as well as advisory groups of the Council of Europe.

Second part of my working activities is related to analysis of the labor market, especially in the part related to the mismatch of education and labour market. He works in the field of European Youth policy development and the recognition of non-formal education. After working 3 years at the European Parliament on issues related to the employment and social affairs committee, she joined the Youth Forum's team and has been responsible for the Youth Forum's work on employment and social affairs over the past two years.

Guest Blog: Dr Daniel Briggs | The IARS International Institute

She is co-author of several publications related to young peoples' employment and social inclusion— on quality jobs, the Youth Guarantee and the impact of the crisis on young people. Maria has published in international journals and contributed to edited texts. She combines this work with her interest in critical pedagogy and engaging praxis as a project of social transformation towards social justice. Antje Rothemund, joined the Council of Europe in Antje is an educationalist specialised in adult education and has been from — the Executive Director of the European Youth Centre of the Council of Europe in Budapest, Hungary.

In the framework of the pan European training programmes for youth work and the intergovernmental co-operation with the 50 signatory parties to the European Cultural Convention, she has worked on the development and delivery of educational concepts, training modules and methodologies in non-formal educational settings and on the quality development of youth work and youth policies in Europe. Her professional career started in the early 80s as youth worker at the municipal youth centres of the City of Munich, Germany.

Deviance and Risk on Holiday

Amerah Saleh is a spoken word artist, workshop facilitator, host and project coordinator. Amerah is Head of Campaigns and Experiences at Beatfreeks where she creates events and content with young people and organisations. Mark has held a variety or Operational roles during his 23 years within the Police Service. The little time outside his day job is taken up with being the Founder of Commando a charity set up to support young war-wounded Royal Marines and their families.

She combines her work as freelance consultant and legal translator private sector and NGOs with the academic sphere, as researcher and editorial consultant in the Centre of Studies in European Union Law of University of Minho, Portugal. He is responsible for maximizing the potential and well-being of young people and to develop the European dimension in sport.

Of Portuguese nationality, he studied mechanical engineering at the University of Lisbon and was professor at the same University for 10 years. Then he became director at the Ministry of Industry in Lisbon. We decide to take a walk around the back of the church area.

A metre or so away is the sleeping place of the man who we saw injecting the other day. Next to his rags, lay used syringes, piss stains and shit. Further on, mostly concentrated around trees or large bushes, are collections of injecting paraphernalia and evidence of fires having been lit…some ashes still warm in cinders from the night before. Behind the church, a man stoops to inject himself in the legs and even as we look, just behind the harm reduction bus, two cars sit full of people smoking heroin and cocaine.

Passar bra ihop

Around them, are small mountains of rubbish and a wild grassland peppered with more unwanted debris. However, it was not until four years ago, in , that my ambition to research it came a little closer when I moved to Spain to take up a job at a university. The neoliberalisation of our education system meant that from day one, I was expected to generate research income as a means of justifying my new position. After three research proposals to different government ministries were rejected, I decided I would do it anyway in my own time.

I was fortunate because, at the time, I had just started to tutor a student who was also curious about studying the area for his undergraduate dissertation; however, he had no research experience whatsoever so I had to train him carefully in the research methods we were to use in this challenging environment.

Aside from that all we had was our patience and ambition for research.

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From the outset, I can say that the desolate misery we witnessed over this period, captured aptly in the field notes above, is related to people being casualties of various social, political and economic processes which, over time, have been internalised and reproduced in a destructive form of drug use which compromises their own health and wellbeing. However, there is an alternative and in this research we showed that if really we want to get to the heart of a social problem — especially one which concerns the sharpness of poverty and inequality — we simply need to get out of our offices and abandon standardised ways of researching, moulding ourselves to some degree to the realities under investigation.

In the resulting study, published recently by Policy Press as Dead End Lives: Drugs and Violence in the City Shadows , we spent two years with homeless drug addicts, studying how the space in which they occupy came to be, how they had come to find themselves in this area, and what daily life was all about for them.

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We documented their lives, took photos where they permitted us to and demonstrated sensitivity and empathy to their circumstances.