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Archived from the original on December 1, Retrieved November 30, Queens County Politics. Archived from the original on February 28, Retrieved January 10, Archived from the original on April 8, Retrieved May 3, FOX Business. Archived from the original on February 14, David; Weise, Karen. Retrieved February 16, The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved February 15, February 14, Archived from the original on February 16, Retrieved February 17, We could hire out more teachers, we can fix our subways.

CBS News. Yahoo News. Archived from the original on February 17, Ocasio-Cortez said Thursday.

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We could hire out more teachers. New York Post. Archived from the original on February 21, Retrieved February 21, New York Daily News. David February 28, Retrieved February 28, National Landing will be the newly defined interconnected and walkable neighborhood that encompasses Crystal City, the eastern portion of Pentagon City and the northern portion of Potomac Yard.

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Statistically improbable phrase Vine. Hidden categories: Good articles Use mdy dates from May Articles containing potentially dated statements from All articles containing potentially dated statements Articles containing potentially dated statements from October When MacArthur selects people to participate in research networks, it is more about their interest to go beyond their own paradigm and to be interested in a collaborative endeavor.

Leadership is the key in terms of the success of our network. These people are honest brokers. They are generative. They are intellectually curious. They are about facilitating the work. Laurie Garduque, program director for research at the John D. MacArthur Foundation. Funding organizations can consider shifting some of their resources to supporting postdoctoral scholars.

Postdoctoral scholars with a solid base in one discipline may become more productive if they have opportunities to learn and work in additional disciplines. Such support can be used for additional training, laboratory visits, and coursework. The Burroughs Wellcome Foundation supports an Interfaces in Science program that provides transitional funding for postdoctoral scholars and faculty with backgrounds in physics, mathematics, computer science, and engineering who want to explore aspects of biology 13 see Box A useful mechanism for junior or senior faculty to gain new skills and master new disciplines is a portable fellowship, such as that in the Sloan Fellows Program, 14 which can be designed for use in the institution or beyond.

Such support may be hard to find in the traditional salary or grant. Hackett, E. Practising Interdisciplinarity. Toronto: Unviersity of Toronto Press. For example, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute recently ended its research training fellowships for graduate students. In , the Burroughs Wellcome Fund BWF established a grant program to support young investigators working at the interfaces between biology and other disciplines.

The program, titled Career Awards at the Scientific Interface, recognizes the potential role that physical, chemical, and computational sciences can play in innovative biological fields, such as genomics, quantitative structural biology, systems modeling, and nanotechnology. The program specifically encourages interdisciplinary work and training. First, candidates are required to hold a PhD in chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science, statistics, or engineering and must propose a research project that addresses questions in biomedical science.

Second, the foundation expects award recipients to continue their interdisciplinary cross-training and provides grant funds for travel to scientific meetings and for advanced coursework in biology. Finally, award recipients are required to form collaborations with well-established investigators outside their own fields. Burroughs Wellcome Fund. Pion, G.

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A more flexible option may be to support summer immersion experiences see Box or grants for workshops in emerging areas see Box Similarly, funding organizations can spur fledgling IDR initiatives by providing seed money. Like venture funding at the early stage of formation of a firm, seed funding provides flexibility that is not available in many grants to shape innovative or experimental programs.

Even modest amounts of seed funding can have a strong catalytic value in supporting demonstrations and visible pilot programs see Box Following that strategy, the Mellon Foundation provides some flexible funding for junior faculty engaged in IDR; similarly, the Beckman Foundation issued a request several years ago for proposals for high-risk IDR deemed insufficiently developed for funding by large agencies.

Initiatives of those kinds are often more appropriate for private foundations than for federal agencies, which tend to fund programs that have already been launched. In , a faculty task force led by Richard Smalley defined a nanotechnology initiative at Rice University that built on interdisciplinary strengths in science and engineering. By , several new faculty members had been hired, a new 70,ft 2 laboratory had been completed, and the Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology opened its doors.

The wide diversity of scientific applications for fullerene-based molecules not only laid the foundation for extensive interdisciplinary collaboration among scientists at Rice but helped to foster worldwide interest in carbon compounds.


The carbon technology has made it possible to produce superconducting salts, three-dimensional polymers, catalysts, materials with new electric and optical properties, sensors, nanotubes, c and solar cells. A more scalable process based on a conversion of carbon monoxide to SWNTs was then developed. Called the HiPco process high partial pressure of carbon monoxide , it was patented and commercialized by Rice University. In the midst of this campaign, Rice University chemists Smalley and Curl with colleague Harold Kroto were awarded the Nobel Prize for their unique work with buckminsterfullerene, clusters of 60 carbon atoms C60 that are bound into a stable and symmetric soccer ball configuration The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Shelley, S.

Chemical Engineering, February Bethune, D. Nanotechnologies Inc. Accessed March 29, A third strategy that funding organizations can follow is to support new institutions or facilities or to provide support to existing institutions for reforms or innovations that cannot be achieved under current conditions. For example, some funding organizations have chosen to support.

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The initiative began when the vice-chancellor asked faculty to develop an IDR proposal see Box Research proposals and decisions about which researchers will receive space at the new facility are faculty-initiated. The facility brings together biologists, clinicians, engineers, chemists, physicists, and computer scientists to stimulate innovative thinking see Box The Fred Kavli Foundation was recently formed to support three interdisciplinary fields: cosmology, neuroscience, and nanoscience.

The foundation has funded nine institutes in universities eight in the United States and one in Europe , has created four professorships at California universities and will begin awarding research prizes in Encourage proposals that have multiple Principal Investigators PIs. They can supplement the standard model of funding a single investigator by funding IDR teams.

Grants inviting team proposals can provide explicit recognition of the effectiveness of collaborative leadership. Fund the collaborative process as well as interdisciplinary team research. Over 20 percent of the respondents stated specifically that interdisciplinary researchers need time to develop effective networks and research strategies. The initial construction will provide the laboratories to accommodate a permanent research staff of Additional laboratories and facilities will be built for visiting researchers and for core scientific support staff and administration.

Janelia Farm includes about , ft 2 of space, housing the research laboratories and support areas, a conference center, and housing for more than visitors.