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Review : "It should be in the library of everyone from whatever tradition who understands that true spirituality is commpassionate and inclusive, is old and forever new, and is capable of bringing fresh vision to those on pilgrimage. Jones "About this title" may belong to another edition of this title. Buy New Learn more about this copy. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title.

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Seller Rating:. This book asks fifteen prominent Anglicans why they are still in the church and what they love about it. The contributors have been chosen because they represent Anglicanism in all its range and diversity and remain positive about the church and their place in it. This is a personal, partial and affectionate though by no means uncritical glimpse of the Anglican Church, whose diversity should still - most of the time - be a cause for celebration. This book was published in England and the essays reflect the British perspective. Mark Chapman highlights the diversity of contemporary Anglicanism by exploring its fascinating history, theology, and structures.

Putting the history and development of the religion into context, Chapman reveals what it is that holds Anglicanism together despite the recent crises that threaten to tear it apart. In this lively and accessible guide, Clayton Morris argues that everyone present on Sunday mornings has a ministry of hospitality, coming together in a proclamation of welcome to all. Clayton Morris is the Episcopal Church's staff officer for liturgy and music.

The wisdom he offers in Holy Hospitality is drawn from his many years of experience as a parish priest. The story of the Episcopalians in America is the story of an influential denomination that has furnished a disproportionately large share of the American political and cultural leadership. Beginning with the denomination's roots in 16th-century England, this book offers a fresh account of the Episcopal Church's rise to prominence in America. The authors pay particular attention to the established leadership of the Episcopal Church, as well as to the experience of the ordinary layperson, the form and function of sacred space, developments in church parties and theology, relations with other Christian communities, and the evolving roles and status of women and minorities.

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Anglican Christians are the heirs to a rich tradition. No other family of churches has been praying in English as long as the Anglicans, whose prayers have been dominated by the rhythm and beauty of the Book of Common Prayer. Anglicans blend what is best from the Celtic, Orthodox Christian, and Roman Catholic traditions, and add to them ideas important to Anglicans -- nature, incarnation, social justice, and more - to create unique and often beautiful prayers.

Give Us Grace provides an overview of Anglican prayers from the beginning of that tradition up to the present day. A collection that spans the ages and the continents, the book is arranged chronologically, from writers such as Miles Coverdale and Thomas Cranmer, through the sixteenth-century, and continuing with contemporary writers such as Desmond Tutu, David Adam, Madeleine L'Engle, and others.

Biographies of each writer are provided. Give Us Grace is an excellent reference tool, a valuable devotional resource, and an ideal gift. Phillips Brooks, Episcopal priest and bishop of Boston, was undeniably one of the most popular preachers of Gilded Age America and the author of the beloved Christmas carol, O Little Town of Bethlehem.

However, very few critical studies of his life and work exist. In this insightful book, Gillis J. Harp places Brooks's religious thought in its proper historical, cultural, and ecclesiastical contexts while clarifying the sources of Brooks's inspiration.

The result is a fuller, richer portrait of this luminous figure and of this transitional era in the Episcopal Church and American protestantism. Read an extensive review in First Things.

Love's Redeeming Work

Published in association with the Church Times , this comprehensive and detailed bestseller charts the story of the growth and development of Christianity in the British Isles -- a tale of courageous mission, saintly deeds, sacrifice and political intrigue. Anyone who is interested in learning about this Church would benefit from reading this very interesting, very readable and colorfully illustrated book. Cast iron certainties are inappropriate when we can never be sure how God will choose to surprise us next.

One can never be too sure: best to remain open, always.

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Portions of that list, and many additional contributions, fill this charming, pocket-sized celebration of the Episcopal Church. These thoughtful, poignant, and sometimes humorous responses not only entertain but also teach about the Church's gifts. Is there an "Anglican identity"? Or is living with the tension between different temperaments and histories itself at the heart of the genius of Anglicanism?

Williams resists easy characterizations and makes surprising connections between apparently opposing positions. Anglican Identities conveys the richness of the Anglican mosaic without ducking the difficult question of how far diversity can stretch before a common tradition begins to fragment. Lewis, Madeleine L'Engle, and many more.

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Covering twenty-nine of the most influential Anglican figures from the sixteenth century to the present, Richard H. Schmidt deftly chronicles their lives and work while capturing at the same time the deep personal faith that they have managed to communicate so powerfully to the rest of the world. Carter Heyward, one of the eleven, tells her story of struggle, doubt, and, ultimately, faith.

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  • A Priest Forever was first published in , two years after the controversial ordinations. This edition contains a new preface by Heyward and an afterward by fellow priest Suzanne Radley Hiatt, another of the eleven. The Episcopal bench [of the Church of England] has been occupied by a colourful assembly of courtiers, aristocrats, scholars, headmasters, social reformers, controversialists, heretics and some godly pastors. In this lively and entertaining volume, Trevor Beeson describes many of the greatest and most engaging among them.

    With a wealth of amusing detail and anecdote, as well as a skillful marshalling of the essential facts, he brings the bishops alive, and considers their significance in the social and ecclesiastical history of their times. Click for Review in The Specator. There is an immensely rich tradition of writing from the Anglican tradition that has helped to form the spirituality and theology of the contemporary church. This major new work draws together the writings of most of the major writers from the sixteenth century to the present day who have contributed to this development. Each writer is introduced briefly, and then extracts from major works are reproduced, with clear guides to the source texts from which the material has been drawn.

    Alastair Redfern, Bishop of Grantham, explores the idea of Anglican identity through a study of major figures from Richard Hooker to Michael Ramsey, focusing on their contribution to contemporary thinking about Christian spirituality, worship, mission, theology and ministry. The book also examines the development of a world-wide Anglican Communion and the social and intellectual challenges posed to Anglicanism by the modern world.

    Updated with a new cover, this is an indispensable resource for your home or parish office. With more than 3, clearly written entries, this book will be a handy, quick, general reference for Episcopalians, both lay and ordained. The four defining points which focus Anglican belief, identity and practice have been identified as:. This means that as Anglican Christians reflect theologically and ethically they hold together the primacy of the Scriptures with the traditions of the Christian Church, as well as using the gift of human reason and the insights of contemporary learning and experience.

    As one Archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Runcie, put it in Compared with Constantinople, it has a higher evaluation of the European Renaissance and Enlightenment , and a greater respect for the autonomy of the scientific method and the realm of ethics. Compared with Lutheranism, it is less sharply defined doctrinally, but more insistent on the centrality of liturgy and worship in the life of the Church…In the matter of doctrine, the Anglican tradition has been to insist on adherence to the primitive catholic faith while allowing a greater diversity of theological opinion than is permissible in other Episcopal churches, and not proceeding to what has been seen as the over-systematization and definition of doctrine which was given an unhappy impulse by the religious quarrels of the sixteenth century and which has proceeded to our own day, creating new dogmas out of inessentials, which really ought to be left in the realm of theological opinion.

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