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And this was still doing something that I love to do. It was like recording bands. On the surface it seemed to be great, but in on the inside I was absolutely miserable and it was just the result of basically doing every possible thing wrong that you could. And so again, it was a very slow, gradual transition for me to go from that to where I am today. So Chris and I have both been to rock bottom or near rock bottom when it comes to stress.

How To Deal With Stress At Work

Brian and I both love coffee. And with coffee I have about 90 milligrams of coffee. But if I had 10 cups of coffee in the morning, I would be a mess. I love doing this. Even in February. Back on episode number 10 of the podcast. So way back in beginning of keep clients from ruining your life using these seven boundaries.

It really is. So getting your personal boundaries right is something you want to tackle. And the idea we talked about last week and the podcast is do you have a gas tank? And that gas tank can be drained by work or by your personal life. I had not set specific work hours.

I had not set that.

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I had absolutely no personal boundaries in place when it comes to my sleep and my day cycle. And that was a huge part of how miserable I was back then. Yeah, like figuring this out and locking this down, we mentioned this last week on the episode I think is probably number one. So I would say think about your own personal boundaries. Respecting that and saying, no, no, no, you need to be done by a certain time because you have three little kids, a wife, and a little kitten named Raleigh St Clair waiting for you at home. I love you Raleigh.

And so for me, one of the things that I have been really pushing myself to implement to keep myself from getting too stressed is this idea on my do list. Yeah, we do it with. And we do this across the board with all the things that we are trying to do this across the board with all the business related activities that we do. So the personal boundary, you know, sending an end time, that stuff really helps you from getting overwhelmed. The family boundaries. Like you should have a conversation about that.

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And that goes back to the ER thing. You talked about the expectations in advance. One of the big things that Chris talked about in episode was in his family has something called Edi expectations in advance. He, I, and this is a huge part of setting up family boundaries because he sets those expectations in advance and now those boundaries are set in place and they should be respected. We give you seven different boundaries specifically to put into place. But one of the easiest things is communicating your expectations about how is going to happen.

Ooh, yeah. You know, I would say probably a good idea is, you know, you can use tax do, you can use Facebook messaging, you can Instagram direct messages, whatever.

And none of my projects include more than three rounds of revisions. You can put as many revisions on there as you want, but when you send me that email full of revisions, that is one round. You get one more after that and then one more after that. You could take that variation and run with it. Do four or five or six. I know some people that do that successfully, not my cup of tea, but as long as you are communicating what you expect from them and where the boundary, and just to clarify a boundary has to have an end somewhere.

A boundary means you go no farther than this. You have reached the edge of this boundary and you cannot step over this because if you step over this, then my boundary of means nothing. And again, to kind of go off of that, if you communicate it boundary and then the client talks to you into going past that boundary, the client now knows your boundaries are fake. Again, we talked about that last episode, episode 73 let your yes be yes and your no be no. And we talked about that in relation to your family.

As soon as your kid knows to think and talk you out of something or into something, you have set yourself up for a very miserable parenting life.

1. Review your list of goals to ensure they’re ones you really want.

There is some really good content. So check that out. Oh Man. We should have actually led in with this idea that the problem with stress is that it snowballs. And Man, when it snowballs out of control, it can be a nightmare. So managing stress is not just about what to do when you have a giant stress ball rolling down the mountain.

At the bottom of that mountain in the Alps. Great job. The best though would be stopping stress before it even gets to the point.

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Yes, I would much rather deal with stress before it starts then to simply cope with stress because think about it this way. Most medication is dealing with the symptom, not the cause. But if you can prevent that called from ever happening because you washed your hands because you sanitize your hands because you stayed away from sick coughing. Go for it. Yeah, yeah. Touch doorknobs.

Is that a real thing as I understand it? And if you touch your face, especially your eyes, nose, mouth or ears, those germs go inside of you and make you sick. So preventing that sickness, which is also a huge stressor. So it kind of is. Especially in public. All right, well that was a great rabbit hole. Like if I go in the bathroom, everything is with my feet.

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And that is managing your diet. What we mean, what we mean is, and let me go back to the story where I was sleeping until PM or whatever. I just had the craziest sleep schedule.

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I was also eating terribly. I was putting horrible fuel into my body. It was just simply eating carbs and microwave food. And I remember making ramen with inputting cheese into it and butter and egg. And that was a meal for me. Not even, I would eat hot pockets, but the little pizza roll things. And a lot of this led to the stress. Maybe not in some crazy way, but at least in a health way. But I will say I eat real whole foods, not this store, whole foods, but like I ate foods with one ingredient in it.

I eat chicken, I eat strawberries.