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At that moment in history, England was enjoying rapid economic growth — the Industrial Revolution was in full swing and the railroads were expanding in all directions on almost every continent. For a time, Fergus works as a labourer on the railroad, living in a wilderness shantytown. Behrens gives a voice to those who struggled during this era with poverty and illiteracy, who worked long hours for a few shillings a day and faced the possibility of injury or even death.

The women in the novel, while endowed with mental toughness and a sense of survival, are frequently nothing more than chattel: washing, mending, and cooking for the men while being violated, assaulted, and traded like tobacco.

What is the law of attraction?

Shea, the madam in Liverpool, while financially successful, relies on men who ultimately destroy her and everything she has acquired. The effect of so much poverty, violence, and death could easily sink the novel into bleakness and futility. However, Behrens excels at inspiring empathy. Behrens also captures the Irish charm, personality, and fatalism we know so well. His prose style is elegant, often poetic, in contrast to the unforgiving and violent world Fergus inhabits. The book is richly textured with period detail. Please try again.

Gambling and the Law(®): Endless fields of dreams.

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  6. Due to our rich, deep inner lives, we have a tendency to plan out every tiny detail of our future. To me, that ideal future always seemed far away and like a dream. However, I managed to do so. With a lot of hard work and support from the law of attraction! It sounds pretty vague, huh?


    However, this is backed up by science; even the law of gravity is part of the concept of the law of attraction. The idea behind this? As similar energies are drawn towards each other, our thoughts and ideas attract similar people, corresponding situations and circumstances. Have you experienced moments in your life where everything seemed to go wrong for a very long time? Chances are that law of attraction has been playing a role here. This sounds amazing, right? So how does the law of attraction work? In fact, it can be as simple as performing specific methods to raise your vibe, which I elaborate on further below in this blog.

    However, it is not as easy as sitting down and repeating these techniques without actually working towards your goals.

    See a Problem?

    See the law of attraction as a powerful tool to raise your vibration and provide you with the energy that you need in your work towards your goal. A while ago, I sat down with my boyfriend and told him about my concerns in relation to our financial situation.

    The Number One Sign You Will Manifest Your Desires, Dreams, and Goals with the Law of Attraction

    Since I just started out as an entrepreneur, money has been tight and every penny had to be invested right back into the business. I told my boyfriend that I really needed more clients now in order to be able to pay my bills. In fact, I was desperate. Within 24 hours, I connected with 3 wonderful businesses who were interested in my services and landed a great job that offered me peace and calm. Simply by switching my energy from negative to positive before going job hunting, I managed to set further steps towards my big goal.

    Would I have created these meaningful relationships with new clients simply by sitting down and affirming my desires? However, by first visualizing what I was working towards and then going into action mode, I realized this goal. Now you might wonder if the law of attraction works for you too. It definitely works for everyone who puts enough work into it!